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Felling of dangerous poplar Chambly 2016

  • Assessment of the tree’s health:

-Assessment of a threatening cottonwood: This tree seems dangerous because it is split and eaten by carpenter ants. After examination of this tree by our experts, this tree is considered dangerous and had to be cut down for the safety of the premises.

  • Submission
  • Tree felling:

Cutting a hundred-year-old tree (cottonwood) due to the risk it presents without damaging the land, the house, electric wires, etc…

-Due to the complexity of the project, specialized equipment that we have is necessary.

  • Cleaning:

-Pick up branches with a bandit 250xp chipper capable of devouring a branch up to 12″ in diameter.

-Collect the wood with a trailer with a log loader.

-We make sure to leave the place clean (rake).

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