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deforestation-tree cutting-granby 2020

  • Assessment of the extent of deforestation:

-To proceed with the clearing to be made our expert moves to examine the trees to be cut down, the most valuable of the trees, the accessibility, measure and mark the size of the clearing etc.

  • Submission
  • Deforestation:

-After the expertise of our expert, all the wood on the site is ash dead for several years and it is rotten.there is no value for these trees.In all this clearing, there will be no recovery of wood so it must be chipped on site.The rugged terrain and difficult access makes this clearing is very different from other clearing less complicated.

-Due to the complexity of the project, specialized equipment that we have is necessary.

  • Cleaning:

-Pick up branches with a mini tracked loader and a bandit 250xp chipper capable of devouring a branch up to 12 inches in diameter.

-Collect the wood with a trailer with a log loader.

-We make sure to leave the premises clean after the intervention.

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