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Dead ash borer waterloo

  • Assessment of the tree’s health:

-Expertise of a dead ash tree which seems to be threatening: This tree is dangerous because there is presence of the emerald ash borer since approximately 3 years. After examination of this tree by our experts, this tree is completely dead and is dangerous. It should be shot for the safety of the place.

  • Submission
  • Tree felling:

Cutting down a hundred-year-old tree (black ash) due to the risk it presents without damaging the land, the house, electric wires, etc…

-Due to the complexity of the project, specialized equipment that we have is necessary.

-crane and spider platform required.

  • Cleaning:

-Pick up branches with a bandit 250xp chipper capable of devouring a branch up to 12″ in diameter.

-Collect the wood with a trailer with a log loader.

-We make sure to leave the place clean (rake).

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